July 18th Board Meeting Agenda


100 North Union Street, Suite 724

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-5040

Regular Board Meeting

July 18, 2017



I.                   Call to Order


            Open Discussion


 II.       Minutes

A.    April 21-22,  Board Meeting Minutes 


III.       Reports

A.        New Licensees-Renewals

B.        Violations Committee Report

C.        Report from the Executive Director

D.        Communications Committee Report

E.         Wellness Committee Report

F.         Financial Report


IV.       Correspondence / FYI

            A.  Blast email & Facebook notices      

            B.  Fall newsletter requests

            C.  Legislative update HB17 



V.        Unfinished Business             

A.     Board member nominations update

B.     Pharmacology and Therapists

C.    DOT Exam


VI.       New Business

A.     Topics for consideration 

o   Licensure Compact

o   Jurisprudence Access Module

o   Background Checks

o   Database improvements

B.     Mobility Aides clarification request



VII.     Announcements

A.      Next Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

·         August 11, 2017 (Westin Hotel,  Birmingham)

·         October 12, 2017 (Board Office, Montgomery)

·         December 7, 2017 (Board Office, Montgomery)

·         February, 15, 2018 (Board Office , Montgomery)

·         April 20 & 21, 2018 (Perdido Beach Resort)

·         June 21, 2018 (Board Office, Montgomery)




IX.       ADJOURN: ____________