Continuing Education

Each physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licensed to practice by this Board shall complete for each compliance period, a minimum of ten (10) hours of continuing education activities. One hour of continuing education is defined as 50 minutes of engagement in the continuing education activity. October 1 through September 30 of the next year shall constitute a compliance period.

Effective October 1, 2014, the Board does not pre-approve continuing education providers, sponsors or individual programs. It is the licensee’s responsibility, using her/his professional judgment, to determine if the continuing education activities they complete are applicable, appropriate, and meet the requirements of the Board. All continuing education offerings, regardless of source will be accepted provided that it is directly related to the licensee’s practice of physical therapy and meets the following general guidelines:

(1) Maintain, improve or expand skills or knowledge of the practice of physical therapy,

(2) Contribute to the professional competency of the licensee by means of an organized activity with clearly described or outlined course content, dates or timelines for completion, and times of instruction or activity engagement expectations,

(3) Pertain to common subjects related to the practice of physical therapy and are based upon referenced scientific evidence; practice-based evidence; case studies; clearly identified anecdotal experience; current or proposed regulation of practice; accepted professional guidelines; policy documents; or best practices,

(4) Conducted by experts in the subject matter - individuals with special education, training, and experience,

(5) Include stated program goals/objectives.

(6) Identify target audience or describes prerequisite levels of experience,

(7) Describe requirements for successful progression or completion when using self- directed methods of learning (i.e., self-study, online, video, audio, teleconference, etc.). Self-directed methods of instruction may utilize a post-test but cannot result in a pass/fail grade,

(8) Include a certificate or other sufficient proof of completion -For a concurrent session conference that does not provide documentation of individual session(s) completed, each individual course attended must be verified by having a conference official or course instructor sign or stamp the session description in the conference program if the conference does not use an automated format that allows for individual course verification.

Non-traditional continuing education activities shall have the following credit values:

1. Completion of physical therapy related academic coursework – awarded fifteen (15) hours of credit per semester hour completed,

2. Participation in a physical therapy related clinical residency or fellowship program – awarded fifteen (15) hours of credit for each 1,000 hours completed,

3. Completion of a physical therapy related specialty certification or recognition of advanced proficiency – awarded three (3) hours of credit for the initial certification or recognition and one (1) hour of credit for recertification or subsequent recognition,

4. Publication in a peer-reviewed publication – awarded five (5) hours of credit for a book, three (3) hours of credit for a chapter or single author publication, or two (2) hours of credit for a multi- author publication,

5. Teaching or lecturing in a physical therapy related continuing education activity – awarded two (2) hours per hour taught. Teaching or lecturing in the academic setting is also included, if teaching is not the licensee’s primary occupation,

6. Once every five (5) years, a formal internal or external peer review of practice, with verification of acceptable practice – awarded three (3) hours of credit.

Limited non-traditional continuing education activities are also permitted by the Board but shallnot exceed forty percent (40%) of a licensee’s total annual continuing education requirement and shall have the following credit values:

1. Publication in a peer-reviewed publication of an abstract, scientific review of a research paper, or book review - awarded one (1) hour of credit,

2. Participation as a book or manuscript reviewer – awarded one (1) hour of credit,

3. Database publication of a clinical practice guideline - awarded one (1) hour of credit,

4. Authorship of a presented scientific poster or platform presentation – awarded one (1) hour of credit,

5. Acting as the primary clinical instructor for CAPTE accredited PT or PTA program students – awarded one (1) hour for each 200 hours completed,

6. Developing alternative media materials, including computer software, programs, and digital instructional materials – awarded one (1) hour for each project released for public access.

For additional information, instructions, and tips it is strongly suggested each licensee also read the Frequently Asked Questions and CE Overview Handout found under the News tab on the front page of the board's website.