The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy provides an impaired Practioners program for all licensees. If you are current licensee finding yourself with an addiction, there is help.



    Official license verifications may be requested online. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


    License renewal period runs July 1, 2020 through October 1, 2020. All Licenses expire at midnight October 1st. Ten hours of continuing education is required (8 hrs standard CE, 2 hrs AL Law) upon renewal.



    The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy receives complaints against its licensees and will determine if the complaint falls within its jurisdiction; if so, an investigation will be conducted. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FILING A COMPLAINT.


On May 21, 2020, the he Governor ammended the issued Safer at Home order effective through July 3, 2020. The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy continues to make the following recommendations.

To all patients receiving physical therapy services in the State of Alabama:

  1. Tell your healthcare provider if you suspect that you or anyone you have been in contact with has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after you receive treatment.
  3. Ask your provider if he/she can provide treatment in a large, well ventilated area, and how many other persons will be in the clinic at the same time.
  4. Ask your healthcare provider what their protocol is for screening the health of employees and how often it is done.
  5. Ask your provider if you are a candidate to receive services via audio or video technology visits during the statewide order to remain at home.
  6. Discuss with your therapist the goals of your treatment plan, and thoughtfully plan how you can meet your healthcare goals during this difficult period.

To all Practioners providing physical therapy services in the State of Alabama:

  1. Telehealth services may be provided in Alabama. All ethical and scope of practice guidelines apply in telehealth the same as face to face.(Minimum Best Practices)
  2. A physical therapy provider must be licensed in Alabama to provide services to patients in Alabama.
  3. Physical Therapy providers are encouraged to call insurance providers for details of reimbursement of services provided via telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis. The Board does not involve itself with issues of reimbursement.

The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy recommends all Practitioners follow the guidance provided by the CDC’s guidelines at: CDC.gov Coronavirus

Additional information for the therapists in a home treatment setting is provided by Healthcare Provider Services Organization

In the weeks ahead as we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, we encourage all Practitioners to rely upon your education and training while we all work through this situation.

Be strong, be smart, be safe,

Alabama Board of Physical Therapy

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