April 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

I.                   Call to Order 

             Open Discussion


 II.       Minutes

A.    February 9, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes 


III.       Reports

A.        New Licensees

B.        Violations Committee Report

C.        Report from the Executive Director

D.        Communications Committee Report

E.         Wellness Committee Report

F.         Financial Report


IV.       Correspondence / FYI

            A.     Statement of Economic Interest due Monday, May 1, 2017.

            B.     Update on Legislation HB 17 & HB 111


V.        Unfinished Business             

A.     Administrative Code

B.     Pharmacology and Therapists

C.     Consumer Member update


VI.       New Business

A.        PTA Board members North / South designation

B.         PT’s and DOT Physical Exams

C.         Department of Defense/AL licensee concerns

D.        Select Delegate, Alternate Delegate, and Funded Administrator for FSBPT Leadership forum.

E.         Board nominations Saturday, April 22.

Current nominee:   Alina Adams, PT District 4

   Cory Henderson, PT   District 4

   Andrea White, PT   District 4

                                                   Gilaine Nettles, PT   District 4—at large

                                                   Jennifer Franklin, PTA

                                                   Randi Borego, PTA

                                                   Arvin Trotter, PTA



F.          Proposed Future Meeting Dates:

                December 7, 2017

                February 15, 2018

                April 20-21, 2018

                June 21, 2018



VII.     Announcements


A.      Next Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

·         July 13, 2017 (Board Office, Montgomery)

·         August 11, 2017 (Westin Hotel,  Birmingham)

·         October 12, 2017 (Board Office, Montgomery)


IX.       ADJOURN: ____________