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    The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy provides an impaired Practioners program for all licensees. If you are current licensee finding yourself with an addiction, there is help.


  • New Executive Director Appointed

    Kathy Miller will officially join the Board office on
    January 2, 2021.


    The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy receives complaints against its licensees and will determine if the complaint falls within its jurisdiction; if so, an investigation will be conducted. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FILING A COMPLAINT.

Updated Nominations Letter

New Executive Director

The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the hiring of its new Executive Director. After an extensive application process and thoughtful interviews, the Board unanimously selected from a pool of ten candidates. M. “Kathy” Miller will officially join the Board office on
January 2, 2021. Ms. Miller comes to us with an extensive background as the Alabama Crime Victims’ Compensation Manager. Her understanding of state policies and regulations will make her an ideal fit for the Board of Physical Therapy. Her supervisory and management experience will ensure the office continues to run smoothly. Ms. Miller is also familiar with the work of physical therapists, since she is a volunteer with the local
‘Rock Steady’ program, a class specifically for those with Parkinson’s disease.

The Board knows that Jeffrey Vinzant’s shoes will be difficult to fill, as we have felt his tremendous absence over the last several months.
But we are confident in the choice of Ms. Miller and look forward to her contributions to the Board.

The Board is eternally grateful to Sheila Wright Dopson and April Tucker for their hard work and sacrifice over the last several months. They not only kept the office running smoothly after the tragic loss of Jeffrey, but also managed through the public health emergency and licensure renewal.
The licensees of this State are extremely fortunate to have these two competent and devoted individuals working on our behalf.

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