License Renewal


  • Renewals are annual. Each license expires on October 1 of the year following its issuance.
  • Annual renewal period is July 1 through September 30 at midnight.
  • Annual renewal fees ($93 for PTA and $130 for PT).
  • 10 hours of continuing education required with renewal application. (Details below).
  • All licensees who received their license in 2021 must submit a minimum of two (2) hours of Alabama Jurisprudence continuing education with their 2022 renewal.
  • Licensees who were licensed by endorsement/score transfer must submit an additional 8 hours of continuing education (10 hours total).
  • Continuing education certificates will be submitted/uploaded with your renewal application.
  • Continuing education certificates must clearly show course date of completion; times of instruction or activity (contact hours); objectives/goals; and identify target audience or describe prerequisite level of experience needed. Courses must be conducted by experts in the subject matter (either by education, training, or experience).
  • Practicing without a valid license can include a fine of up to $500, a term of imprisonment, or both.

Continuing Education

  • COURSE PROVIDERS: Please be advised that pre-approval for courses offered is not required. We will honor any coursework relevant to the practice of physical therapy.

  • LICENSEES: It is your professional judgment, to determine if the continuing education activities completed are applicable, appropriate, and meet the requirements of the Board. All continuing education offerings, regardless of source will be accepted provided that it is directly related to the licensee’s practice of physical therapy and meets the GENERAL GUIDELINES.

  • ALABAMA JURISPRUDENCE: Two (2) hours of Alabama Physical Therapy jurisprudence, covering both the Practice Act and the Administrative Code, are required for those licensed in 2021. General physical therapy ethics courses may apply to the additional 8 hours of continuing education (if required) but does not meet the 2-hour Alabama Jurisprudence requirement. After your initial renewal, two (2) hours of jurisprudence covering Alabama’s Practice Act and the Administrative Code will be required in years that end in “0” or “5” (2025, 2030, 2035, etc.). Below are links to known Alabama jurisprudence providers that are accepted:

2022 Licensee Renewal Requirements

  • All licensees are required to have a minimum of ten (10) hours of continuing education unless license was obtained by exam within the past calendar year.
  • All licensees licensed by endorsement in 2021 must provide 8 hours of continuing education and 2 hours of Alabama Jurisprudence continuing education.
  • Continuing education submitted must be within the current two-year compliance period of October 1, 2020, through September 30, 2022.
  • Instructions for the renewal application

Renew Your License Here.

Expired License Restoration

  • Expired licenses may be renewed within 5 years of its expiration date upon application and payment to the board of set fees. See Fee Schedule under “Services” tab.
  • Licenses expired more than 5 years may be obtained only by complying with the provisions relating to the issuance of an original license.
  • Expired License Renewal Form

Original License Replacement

  • A licensee may be issued an official replacement license upon completing the appropriate documentation and payment of the set fee. See Fee Schedule under “Services” tab.
  • The licensee must complete the Affidavit of License form.

License Verifications

Updating Personal Information

  • All Licensees are required to keep the Board apprised of changes in personal information. Changes to all contact information may be completed via the Licensee Online Profile. To complete a name change, please fill out the NAME CHANGE FORM and return to our office.