February Board Meeting & Seminar

I.                Call to Order-Noon

Open Discussion

II.        Minutes

A.    December 5, 2019  Meeting Minutes 

III.      Reports             

A.     New Licensees Report

B.      Violations Committee Report

C.         Report from the Executive Director

D.        Communications Committee Report

E.         Wellness Committee Report

              F.          Financial Report

IV.       Unfinished Business             

            A.      Rule change-application process

V.        New Business

            A. Delegate and Alternate Delegate selection

            B. Spring Newsletter

            C. Legislative update

VI.      Announcements

A.      Next Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

  o   April 17, 2020—University of South Alabama.

 o   June 2020—Montgomery Office—TBA

           o   August 2020—ALAPTA Fall meeting—TBA.

VII.     Adjourn

Jurisprudence Seminar to begin at 2PM.