April 20, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

I.                   Call to Order

            Open Discussion

II.        Minutes

A.     February 8, 2018  Board Meeting Minutes 

III.       Reports             

            A.    New Licensees Report

A.        Violations Committee Report

B.         Report from the Executive Director

C.        Communications Committee Report

D.        Wellness Committee Report

            E.         Financial Report

IV.       Unfinished Business             

A.   Database option

B.   Administrative Code modifications

C.   Jurisprudence Access Module

V.        New Business

            A.  Review of Samford accreditation process

            B.  Nomination process

VI.       Announcements

A.       Next Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

o   June 21, 2018 (Board Office, Montgomery)

o   August 10 & 11, 2018 (Westin Hotel, Birmingham)

o   October 11, 2018 (Board Office, Montgomery)

o   December 13, 2018 (Board Office, Montgomery)

o   February 7, 2019 (Board Office, Montgomery)


VII.     ADJOURN: ___________